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The perfect solution for keeping your favorite bar out of puddles.  Made of eco-friendly bio plastic, this open weave soap pad will quickly drain away water, saving your bar. Comes in Sage, Coffee and Bone and can be easily cut to fit your dish.

Soap Lift

SKU: TB017
    • BPA and Phthalate free bio resin
    • REACH certified
    • Fully recyclable
    • Easily rinses clean
    • Flexible and can be cut to fit your dish


  • Sea Lark Enterprises, USA

    Produce by a family owned business in Bethany Connecticut with a strong commitment to sustainability and natural solutions.  The product was born from a husband who loved bar soap trying to keep the peace with his wife who hated the messy residue of melting bars.  Now none of us need suffer and our bars have the care they deserve!



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