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our philosophy

It all started with a feeling…

A nagging persistent suspicion that I, that we culturally, had made a wrong turn in pursuit of the wrong dream, of an “ageless” beauty.

And then I found a word…

A quiet subtle Japanese word, shibui.

Beauty revealed through ritual and time. 


Yes, just yes.

So I set out on a journey…

With my working knowledge of skincare and a deep respect for natural ingredients and rhythms, I began to create.

Simple natural soaps, butters and serums to provide the balanced ritual care my body craved and shibui demanded.

After nearly a decade of tinkering and refining formulas with friends and family, I find myself at a new beginning, welcoming you to my virtual shop. 

Here we go!


Erin Snow, Master Soap Designer

 shibui BATH, LLC

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