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This truly decadent Shampoo Bar enriched with Argan, Meadowfoam Seed and Baobab Oils creates a creamy lather that must be felt to be believed.  Thoughtfully designed for gentle effective hair cleansing without stripping essential moisture for your healthy hair and scalp.

Available in two options:  an invigorating essential oil blend of Peppermint Lavender & Rosemary or "naked" (no essential oil blend) 

generous half pound bar



SKU: H0001E
  • Wet hair thoroughly. Rub the bar directly around your scalp in a circular motion, about ten times for short hair, more if your hair is longer. Add a little water and work with your fingertips to develop the lather, being careful to avoid the eye area. 

    You’ll know when you’ve got the perfect ratio of soap to water to hair by feel. The lather will be truly luxurious - smooth, thick, and creamy. Keep massaging until the rich lather has fully enveloped your hair and is easy to work around your scalp. 

    Enjoy the moment, then rinse completely.

    For deeper conditioning, squeeze out excess water, or lightly towel dry hair and work in 1-2 drops of our leave in HAIR SERUM.

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