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Shibui goes to market...

Hello everybody! Spring has arrived here in the Finger Lakes and at long last Shibui breaks free of the virtual walls of our online store. We are excited to join 36 other vendors with our pop up shop at the Trumanburg Farmers Market every Wednesday from 4-7pm.

It is so much fun to see folks delight as they smell the herbal infused soap, sample the decadent lathers and feel the silky butter as it melts. If you are a local, we hope to meet you there...come enjoy the great music, food and fare!

You can shop at your leisure on and pick up your order at the shipping!

I will try to share weekly pics via Instagram (baby steps on the social media savvy)as we get along thru the summer and plan to post to this blog about once a month.

Thank you always for your ongoing support.

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